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Just a reminder to all my followers here: I have moved to @bluetechgirl. I am still keeping this account, but will not post here unless the other one goes down.

Ok so the instance isn't down, it turns out I am on a network that does not like .xyz domains

Well my new account at is unavailable because that is now down. Hope it comes back up soon.

Well now I know that my installation is broken because I manually checked for updates. So that mystery is now solved. At least and are now working better than ever with me finally getting my windows only games to actually work in . Link:

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"React Native Accessibility Is Pretty Bad"

Please don't screw people with disabilities over just because you want to use some particular language/framework.

y'all. with the tumblr migration, there are going to be minors on your instance. so CW your nudes as "nude", CW your porn as "porn" and CW your genitals as "genitals".

it's a courtesy to the minors on your fediverse, and to everyone else who doesn't want to see your improperly or unclearly CW'd dick pic. "nsfw" is too vague.


Just be aware that since its on YouTube you may need a tracker blocker if you care about your privacy.

@crazypedia is the admin of my instance and is very nice and really cares about keeping mastodon healthy

@amolith various tech related things, posts a lot about non-android Linux on phones

@infosechandbook posts a lot of news on cybersecurity

@cats posts lots of cat pics

@bobstechsite blogger about tech related things

@tobypinder posts about cats, videos games, and tech

Company A makes a product used by 60% of the world.

This, rightly, worries people. When Company C’s product (used by 3% of the world) switches to using the core of Company A’s product folks suggest people use Company B’s product (used by 5% of the world).

Plot twist: Company B gets ~all its money (hundreds of millions of $) from Company A.

Welcome to the sewer of monopoly, institutional corruption and surveillance capitalism we lovingly call The Web circa 2018.


Guys, please don't use this website to conduct anything that would land me in legal trouble.

Instance admins are usually single individuals who have their domains and servers registered against their names, we're not giant corporations with infinite legal defence funds.

What you do here has an impact, please consider that.

Anyone else here on feel like your loosing your faith in humanity after checking and making the mistake of reading the comments on a news post? Its been happening to me more and more lately and I just can't stop so long as I am on the platform.

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Heads up to anyone
Please use content warnings for anything relating to:
- Politics
- Spoilers
- Mental health and other triggering topics
- NSFW content
- Flashing GIFs that may causes seizures
We do this as we understand that not everyone wants to see this stuff %100 of the time due to a variety of reasons. Please use the caption feature when uploading pictures to be kind to the blind users. Also please keep debates civil, we do not want the rage environment of other networks here.

thread on why people put content warnings on mastodon, for new users <3 Show more

These #cats do fight, they will argue. But this bro and sis balance each other out. Yin and Yang.

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