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A whatever. I make a living doing work, which I enjoy. I love learning about & working with complex systems & have a particular interested in . It's all a giant moving , love it!

I also love and , as well as . I love and .

I'm on because I believe is better for humans then silos.

and 4 life! ✌

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hey , how can and better support the development, deployment, and adoption of in general? Should we be sharing parts of error logs from our servers, posting our server resource statistics, or other intel type of tasks? Are there bug's you need help replicating? is tootsuite getting enough feature requests (joking) 😉 ?

I can't wite code but I want to help 😃

@Gargron @bea @noelle @anthracite

RT @laurenchaikin@twitter.com: IF YOU CLICKED THE LINK IN THE PHISHING MESSAGE, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AND SET UP TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IF YOU CAN. I can't respond to every message, there are too many! 😓

Does anyone play guild wars 2? Playing some Skyrim got me in the mood to do some casual storyline and crafting stuff and it would be more fun with others. Maybe a weekly game group for two hours via Google hangouts voice calls.


RT @neiltyson@twitter.com: Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.

I am so disappointed. Not sure with who, maybe myself? I can't be upset with Cloverfield, it met expectations exactly. I'm just, kinda confused about what I'm doing right now I guess 😔

I am home alone binging bad movies like the new Godzilla anime and the Cloverfield Paradox. I'm not sure how I should feel but I blame Netflix 😐📺

RT @TedOnPrivacy@twitter.com: Wanna come fight the good fight at @Google@twitter.com? We're recruiting:
- privacy engineers
- pro{gram,duct} managers passionate about privacy
- researchers on ethical AI
- engineers with experience in ML fairness
Diverse/uncommon backgrounds are a big plus =)
Drop me a line if interested!

So, let's just remember that a Republican congressional baseball training session was attacked by a man with a gun last year. Literally putting a gun in their faces will not convince them to enacted gun control laws. 😡🔫🏛️

RT @SCP_FAM_Radio@twitter.com: So someone, somewhere edited the symbol meanings and it's pretty hilarious.

RT @MsPackyetti@twitter.com: You can judge a society by how well it protects its children and its elderly.

America gets an F.

Instead of protecting them, we use them as political bargaining chips and send them "thoughts and prayers" when they need policy and change.

There's no faster way to turn an IT person away from your service then to omit pricing info on your website and force us to give up our email/phone number/ other information just to ask. We'll go to your competitors because they made it easy for us to make a decision

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This is at its finest! Good process, work area, and documentation! 🔬💉💊☣️👨‍🔬


RT @dmbeucler@twitter.com: The food is grey.
The stars are too bright.
The old enemy is still out there.
Will you run or will you fight?

-Son of Stars