πŸ€” Has anyone proposed a setting where disks are used as currency? You pay with however many hours of online time you have?


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@crazypedia I... well... no, I haven't thought about that. And I'm glad you did.

If the second dot-com bubble crashes and we return full circle to AOL...

Tangentially related, but collectors sometimes pay for vintage AOL disks. Credit goes to @lroop for telling me that.

@scunning @crazypedia My favorite bit of trivia about AOL is at one point they had tied up something like 90% of the US's CD pressing capacity, causing grief for music and software publishers who wanted to make discs to sell.

@lroop @scunning I just learned about that recently, I wana say from some podcast but I can't find it. πŸ‘

@crazypedia no but the idea of a cyberpunk world where network time is a scarce resource that can be traded is basically the third world now

@Cryoclaire is writing a retro-cyberpunk Dystopia in the times of AOL and ICQ, if that counts πŸ™‚

@crazypedia @rick_777 actually my collaborator Io black is doing most of the writing on the main comic, though the original concept was mine :p sadly he's not on masto

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