Oh those "expiring e-mails" in GMail even require Google login to view as webpage? Wow, fuck that shit. That's too obvious


It feels like google had an opportunity here to push better webmail encryption standards and ease-of-use for something like PGP, and instead fell right on their face and did email encryption how Microsoft does. I'd like to see a blog post on their reasoning in this case, if one's been posted.

Now, both Micro$oft and G👀gle use cases for this type of email protection do work in corporate and business environments, but is very much in their own interested when it comes to home users.

@crazypedia @Gargron They have an "end-to-end team," or at least they did. The dates on these commits should tell you how...committed...Google is to end-to-end encryption in Gmail. (Spoiler alert: they're not.)

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