What is toot.chat?

A federated, community driven microblogging alternative to Twitter 🐦. We provide a freedom of choice and an open community. We love tech, society, and discussing ideas! Please read our short user guidelines

Once you've signed up for an account, take a momment to give an #introduction and let everyone know that you're #NewHere. Be sure to use those hashtags too, so others can find you and say #HelloWorld 👋!

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Code of Conduct

  • 0⃣Rule 0: Do not be awful to each other

  • 1⃣Rule 1: Admin's word is law
  • 2⃣Rule 2: Report Harassment, Abuse, Trolling, Hate Speech, Spam, etc. This isn't @Twitter and that kind of behavior is not allowed!
    • Use the Report button on posts that are problematic
    • Include a reason WHY the post is problematic, especially if the reason might not be obvious
    • Issues will be dealt with based upon common sense and the Admin's mood at the time.
  • 3⃣Rule 3: Please make use of the Content Warning [CW] filter for all NSFW, Spoiler, Political, and other toots that may be controversial for the benefit of your fellow tooters. This also applies to media uploads
  • 4⃣Rule 4: Do not post excessive spam, or advertising.
  • 5⃣Rule 5: Do not host bots on this instance.
    • If you are interested in making a bot account, please check out botsin.space

Pro Tips ❕

  • You can find a full user manual here
  • You can start meeting people by writing an introductory post(500 characters are a lot!) and adding the hashtags #newhere and/or #introductions
  • If you don't want bots to follow your account, add #nobots to your profile description. Report bots that follow you while you have this in your profile.
  • You can add Emoji to your username! We do not verify accounts
  • Bookmarking this site on a mobile device will make it work as a mobile app, without having to install anything!
  • Using #Hashtags makes it easier for others to see you are tooting about a specific #topic, #interest, #hobby, or #general #category. It's a great way to meet new friends!
  • Want to know what you're getting into? This guide explains how to use mastodon, some of the terms, and other useful info.

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Last updated: 2018-01-26